amcLoad - Ship Loading Software, Loadicator

Instrument for Intact & Damage Stability, Longitudinal Strength

New requirements for onboard stability instruments applicable to all tankers are effective from 1st January 2016. MARPOL Convention is amended by Res. MEPC.248(66) , the IBC/BCH Code is amended by Res. MSC.369(93) and the IGC Code is amended by Res. MSC.370(93) requiring tankers to be fitted with an approved stability instrument capable of handling both intact and damage stability cases. The new requirement is retroactive and applies to both new and existing tankers at the first renewal survey on or after 1st January 2016, but not later than 1st January 2021.

  amcLoad is a convenient, high performance ship loading software (in worlwide distribution) developed for cargo ships carrying liquid or dry cargo i.e. Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Cement Carriers, General Cargo Ships, etc. The program is provided with a user friendly, extensible and adaptable interface equipped with an integrated loading condition browser for easy handling of the stored conditions and powerful undo/redo capabilities.

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Direct Damage Stability Calculations

   amcLoad is specially developed for direct damage stability (DDS) calculations with direct numerical simulation of liquid mass transfer within the tanks when the ship is trimmed and heeled on both the intact and damage stability cases. The program takes into account the free surface effect of the loaded liquids using the actual centre of gravity and liquid transfer moments for each tank on the actual heel and trim angles. This way, the correction for the free surface effect is accurately and effectively taken into account compared with other approximate methods which usually are extremely far away at the safe side and many times underestimated.

   Since the Righting Arm Curve (GZ) is the basis for ship damage stability evaluation the software has the ability to perform accurate calculations on the varying trim mode and lost buoyancy method as for a freely floating ship which changes trim depending on the longitudinal equilibrium. This is of major importance especially when assessing the damaged stability due to the asymmetry of the ship and her damaged water plane area relative to the midship.

Damage Stability Assessment for each Loading Condition

  Special attention is given to easy performance of damage stability calculations while the user prepares a new loading condition. All damage cases are predefined and the user can perform all necessary damaged stability calculations (as per MARPOL, IBC/IGC codes or IACS UR S17 flooded hold conditions), pressing one single button.

IACS Member Approval

  amcLoad has achieved General Approval of Lloyd's Register and has been also approved by DNV-GL, BV, RINA, ClassNK and PRS. Therefore, amcLoad can be supplied and installed onboard vessels classified with all Classification Societies (i.e. ABS, CCS, DNV-GL, PRS, KR, LR, BV, RINA, ClassNK etc.)

Ship Types

  The software is capable of handling all types of cargo vessels (i.e. Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Cement Carriers, General Cargo Vessels, etc.)

Documents required to prepare amcLoad

  All documents required for the preparation of amcLoad can be transmitted worldwide via a file transfer provider (i.e., or a file trasmission application (i.e. Skype). These documents are the following:

• Trim & Stability Booklet
• Damage Stability Booklet
• General Arrangement Plan
• Capacity Plan
• Midship Section
• Lines Plan, Body Plan and / or Hull Offsets
• Profile and Decks Plan
• Shell Expansion
• Transverse Watertight Bulkheads
• Fore End (Bow) Construction
• Aft End (Stern) Construction
• Engine Room Construction

Delivery / Installation

   Since amcLoad and it's supporting documentation is electronically stamped, the software can be delivered/downloaded worldwide in a ship specific basis (a link will be provided to download the software). Furthermore, at Owner's request amcLoad can be delivered on hard copies of user's manual and CDs. You can contact this office in order to obtain a more complete picture of our amcLoad product.

Many options to match your actual needs

  There are many features and options in amcLoad to choose from and match your vessel's specific needs and requirements:

  • Intact conditions • Damaged Conditions
  • Intact Trim & Stability • Damaged Trim & Stability
  • General Stability Criteria • Damage Stability Criteria
  • Severe Wind Stability • Direct tank numerical simulation
  • Longitudinal Strength • Damage Stability Evaluation
  • Local Strength Criteria • Grain Stability
  • Air Drafts • Shear Force Correction
  • Bridge Visibility • Timber and Log Loading
  • Propeller Immersion • Container Loading
  • Drafts at marks/perpendiculars • General Cargo Loading
  • Deadweight Break Down • On Deck Cargo Loading
  • Visual Alarms  
  • Audible Alarms  


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